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3 Signs you Should Invest in Cards


I remember when I was young, how excited I would get to receive an invitation in the mail or at school to a party. They were colorfully decorated with cute pictures or shiny stickers, and always had my name on them proving that I was the intended receiver. I would run inside and proudly stick them to the refrigerator with a magnet, so everyone knew I had been invited somewhere special. It filled me with a sense of belonging and friendship. The same is still true of mailed or personally handed invitations and cards.

However, in today’s fast passed world where almost anyone you can think of is connected on the internet, personalized invitations are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Now with a few clicks on the social media platform of your choice, you can literally invite millions of people. There is no longer a need for mailing addresses and stamps.


Well, not exactly.

There are still some very special occasions that in my opinion deserve a personal invite or card. I have compiled a list of the top 3 reasons to spend the money on custom, personalized cards:

  1. Weddings and all the surrounding events

Weddings for many people, take months and years to plan, so would simply selecting friends on a list do for something that has taken up so much time? I think not! If you are planning to have a wedding with showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties, it is best to go with something in the mail for people to have and hold on to in memory of your special event.

  1. Birthday parties for small humans

If you happen to be a parent, then planning birthday parties is a part of every year. Since most 5 year olds do not have a page on social media, with lists of their friends to choose from, it is probably best to go with personalized invitations.

  1. To fully convey a feeling or emotion

Electronic cards and posts are fun and silly, but lack the ability to convey and real emotion or feeling. If you are doing valentines or condolences for a loved one, posting to someone’s page is less likely to get your meaning across. This is a time when spending a little extra on a card could go a long way.


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Creating Custom Cards

Hey there, this week’s post is going to be all about custom greeting cards and supporting local artists. Being a local artist in Austin, TX is something that I have always enjoyed. There are always craft fairs and random pop up events that are always looking for new artists to bring their own custom charm. I personally enjoy meeting new people and being able to share my experience as a local artist and how I came into creating custom greeting cards and invitations, as well as finding out what it is they look for in local art and paper invitations.

Starting out as an artist and finding one’s niche is a process every artist goes though. I first began selling my cards after a friend of mine posted a picture of a card I had made for her. The picture began circulating and before I knew it, I had three new clients all wanting something different. The thrill of this was overwhelming. I soon began I learn that I could get even more clients by simply adding that I am a local artist here in Austin, TX just trying to make a little extra cash and have some fun with my art, all while helping people say exactly what they are trying to say in an invitation or card.

The support that local artists receive in this beautiful town is something that has always made me proud to live here. We have a community of people all working to help and support the art that is being produced right in our town, and that is a TON! In short, I enjoy being a local artist who creates custom invitations and cards for people in my home town who in turn give support to the art community in here in Austin, TX.

art, Austin TX, birthday, confidence, Creative, Custom cards, drawing, greeting cards, invitations, Local, party planning, Sketches

A Leap of Faith

A Birthday Octopus

I am not talking religion here, I mean a leap of faith in your abilities as an artist, and putting your work out there.  This has always been a problem for me, I sketched for years before even showing my work to anyone besides my trusted cat.  I still had the release of creating, but my office was beginning to look like that of a hoarder. Different sizes and types of papers were crammed in every available slot, and my desk did not really exist anymore.

The leap, however came many months after the mess had begun. A good friend of mine was having a birthday and I was completely broke. Not wanting to be that friend that showed up with nothing but a 24 pack and a smile, I began brainstorming some cheap and creative ways to express my love. After days of pacing around my house, I picked up a picture of an octopus that I had started some time before and the idea struck me to finish it with my dear friend in mind. The idea was the easiest part of this process.

I began my task full of joy that I Had found a creative and fun way to show my love for a friend. I was a quick and relatively easy project, I was finished days before the party deadline. Over the next few days, I picked out a frame and framed the picture still full of excitement.  Until the day of the actual celebration, on that day I panicked realizing that soon everyone would be looking and judging something that I and I alone had created. The pressure at the time was unbearable, so I chickened out and showed up with that 24 pack and smile anyway. I finally confessed what had happened to my friend and promised to bring the gift at another time. She understood and the matter was taken care of. After all, if she knew how could I forget?

It took me another 3 weeks to deliver the gift, long enough that the fact that it existed at all was in question. When I finally did give her the picture, she loved it. The happiness that she exuded being a direct result of my art, changed my fear to determination.  Since then, for birthdays and other special occasions I always include something that I took the time and effort to make.  Then, as of a few months ago, I decided it was time to try and do something with all of my hard work.

The moral of this story, is having faith in our abilities if scary and hard, but once you reach that point the level of freedom you gain, is incomparable to the fear you once felt.

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My Creative Process


The creative process is something unique for everyone.  Sure, you can buy a book on the creative process, or watch a video for some tips on where to begin, but in the end the way the process actually happens adapts to how you as the creator, creates. For this blog post I have decided to map out my creative process, as best I can due to its ever changing order, and give you an idea of how my brain works.

  • Find my creative spark or inspiration
    • Inspiration is found in a number of ways; people, flowers, porn, or in nature.
    • The idea is to get to the point where something clicks, and I see what I wish to create in my mind eye.
  • Determine how to express that creative notion
    • Will it be in a card, on a canvas, perhaps something made and shaped by my hands?
  • Determine who this is being created for
    • Usually when I create a piece of art it is with a specific person in mind. Either I have been commissioned for the piece, or for a loved one.
  • Gather supplies
    • Light board, drawing utensils, pencil sharpener, practice paper, and the final canvas
  • Set everything out so that I can find it
    • This is where my OCD kicks in and I spend a good 10-15 minutes setting out all of my materials in a way that feels right
    • It is never the same. This depends entirely on my mood.

The above is how I go about getting myself ready to create art. Not all of my art is good, and that is okay. I find that what I am really searching for is an outlet for everything I think about and wish to express. Then sometimes it comes from boredom. No matter the reason, my creative process works for me, even though I never before really thought about the process itself. I hope this has been helpful or enlightening in some way. Remember, the creative process is different for everyone and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Find your process and create!

Feel free to add any comments or questions you may have, or email me.

art, Austin TX, birthday, confidence, Creative, Custom cards, drawing, greeting cards, invitations, Local, party planning, Sketches

A Few, Fun Examples!

In my last post, I provided a list of some of the cards/invitations that I create for people, and made a vow to provide pictures for you to see. In this post, I have a few examples of my work and what they could potentially be used for. However, I am willing to add these or other drawings to any type of card/invitation you would like!

Flower sketch



This is a simple flower that I have drawn for a tea party that a friend of mine had. However, this design is perfect for thank you cards, simple “I love you”, or anything you can think of.





Ice Scream Man



This Ice Scream as I like to call it is going to be used as an invitation to an ice cream social. The ice cream was originally taken from, and I added the face and hands for comedy.





These are only a few examples of my work. I hope this gives you an idea of the broad spectrum of my work. Also, I have a few more risqué invitations that I have created for bachelorette parties. As proud as I am of my work on those invitations, I am hoping to get my name and page out there a little more before I start covering my page with private parts ha-ha! I will post more pictures soon, so please keep coming back, and by all means let me know how I can help make your special person or event better!

Feel free to email me with any inquiries you may have about my products or services.

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Let me do the Work for you

There’s something special about sending cards or invitations to show you care or invite someone to share in your joy — especially if you can find a creative and new way to do it.

There is something about working on invitations or cards for individuals around birthdays and holidays but having reservations about buying generic ones at the store, and also unable come up with an idea yourself. The stress of picking the right invitation or card might become something that detracts from more important things. Well, stress no more, I have the perfect solution!

I have compiled a few lists of the different types of invitations and cards I offer, but if you do not see what you are looking for on this page, feel free to email me with any questions.  There will be pictures of previously created cards in the coming weeks.



  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Mother/father’s day
  • Greeting
  • Holiday
  • Congratulations
  • Thank you
  • Condolences


  • Weddings
  • Baby shower
  • Bridal shower
  • Bachelor/bachelorette
  • Birthday party
  • Holiday party


  • Each card is individually priced at $2.00 (these include cards/invitations previously created)
  • More than 50 cards, of the same style will be priced at $1.00 starting with card/invitation 51.
  • If you are wanting an original design, we will discuss via email what you are looking for, and I will send you a few designs to pick from. The price for an original design is an added $50.00 to the number of cards ordered.
  • I require a 50% security deposit on all orders exceeding 25 cards/ invitations


Feel better now? Hosting a party, or sending feeling in a card can seem overwhelming.  It would be my pleasure to take that load off of you and free up more of your time.  Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions of suggestions.

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